Classic Sonic Zone

Hello and welcome to the Classic Sonic Zone, a site where you can find info on all the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games from Sonic the Hedgehog right up until Sonic Jam, before the Dreamcast games. I will also have info on comics, manga, cartoons, anime, music, merch and more! Keep in mind, I don't hate Modern Sonic, I really like most of the games, the key word being 'MOST' (eyes Sonic 06) but I prefer Classic Sonic and wanted to make a database on all the games:) Now, I know this site looks 90's tastic, but I am 13 year old girl who is only learning to code, so be patient! About me: I am a 13 year old Irish girl who loves gaming, cartoons and more. I am tomboy for the most part (I do collect My Little Ponies though and not just FIM). My loves include Sonic, MLP, Mario, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Gravity Falls, The Simpsons, Adventure Time, Marvel, DC, Lucky Star, The Powerpuff Girls, Vocaloid and numerous other things which I am too lazy type out (I will do a more detailed page later). You can also find me on Youtube, deviantART, Fanfiction, Tumblr, UK Ponycon Forums, Sonic Blast Forums, Sega Forums, The MLP Arena and the MLP Lexicon as either "Tails Player," "TailsPlayer" or "Bright101Eyes". So that's about it for now. I will update the site soon, make it look pretty and actually add content but for now this is about it. Check back soon for info, news, content, ACTUAL SONIC RELATED CONTENT, etc. ~Tails Player'

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